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 What is UPS Ground?

UPS: UPS Ground is an air transport delivery service that guarantees delivery by the end of the 3rd business day. Tracking & insurance up to $100 are included.

What's the difference between processing time & shipping time?

- Our 72 hour processing time is when we are verifying payment and getting your order ready. Our 3-5 business days shipping is when we actually ship out your order via our shipping carrier. So, first we process your order and then ship your order. FYI 3-5 business days shipping DOESN'T start until after the processing time is complete.

    How long does this hair last?

    - The hair can last up to 2 years PLUS with proper hair care.

    Does the hair shed?

    Minimum to no shedding. You may see a few strands here and there while detangling or styling but nothing troubling or excessive.

    Is this hair processed?

    - Our hair is 100% unprocessed virgin hair. Our hair is NOT chemically processed ONLY steam treated for cleanliness.

    How many ounces are the bundles?

    a total of 3.5 ounces per bundle

    What is the wigs density and what does density refer to?

    All our wig density ranges from 150%-200%. The density refers to how thick the wigs are. Our thickest wig (180% density) is our closure wig.

    What are lace front wigs and full lace wigs?

    Lace front wigs only has lace in the front of the wig and the remainder of the wig is made from a regular netted wig cap or other materials such as thin-skin. *YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO WEAR LACE FRONT WIGS IN HIGH UPDOS OR PONYTAILS*

    Full lace wigs are lace wigs which are designed with the entire wig cap being made from lace as well as lace all around the perimeter of the wig.*FULL LACE WIGS ALLOWS YOU TO WEAR YOUR HAIR IN HIGH UPDOS AND PONYTAILS*

    Can I color this hair?

    - Yes! our hair can be colored into light colors. please take precaution when coloring your hair. professional dye materials should be used and preferably a professional hairstylist should color the hair. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGE FOR DAMAGE WIGS DUE TO BLEACHING AND COLORING!

    What is the purpose of the edge ties?

    - The edge ties are to help lay your edges and to secure your lace at night while you're sleeping. You can also wear the edge ties as a sense of fashion.

    How long will it take for me to receive my package?

    With processing and shipping time together, expect to receive your package within 7 business days. This time frame is subject to change during sales and/or holidays.

    Is local delivery or pickup an option?

    - NO! all orders must be shipped

    How many times can I reuse my mink lash?

    25 wears is the normal lifespan, but with extra care some customers have reported going even longer

    Can I wear mascara with the lashes?

    Yes, in fact, we recommend one light layer of mascara on your natural lashes before to both help them blend in better with the mink lashes, and to help the lash get a better grip.

    How long are the mink lash?

    - Our mink lash are 25mm long